FinderPop 2.5.7 "Autumnal Equinox" released Saturday 27 September 2014.

FinderPop will NOT work on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
unless System Integrity Protection (aka "Rootless Mode") is disabled.
For normal users, I would not recommend disabling SIP, though it is possible to disable it and get FinderPop to (mostly) work.

It is highly likely that this will never be satisfactorily resolved because FinderPop relies on OS features which, when SIP is enabled, have deliberately been removed by Apple with the aim of increasing system stability.
See also discussion of how to disable SIP and the reasons for doing so - or not doing so - at, makers of TotalFinder, a cool Finder enhancer.
I'm in the "old school" of "Hey, it's my computer, I get to choose what runs on it!"

FinderPop Works on PowerPC 10.4/10.5, and Intel 10.4/10.5, almost everything works on Intel 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10.
What's New in 2.5.7? Works with alias files produced by the Yosemite Finder, adds Alias To... and Symlink To... Applescripts to the FinderPop Extras folder (see the Readme for details.)
2.5 has code signing to ease installation when GateKeeper is active
Numerous other bugfixes and a couple of new features - see this forum post and the Release Notes and the Hints & Tips sections of the Book Of Words.
Regular Beta versions available in the FinderPop forums
Patrick Welker of has created a smashing 3-minute YouTube video which introduces FinderPop - well worth a look.
Extend your Contextual Menus Info Quick Process Menu
Extend your Contextual Menus!
Easily add new items
Powerful File Handling
Delete, Copy, Move, Open, Get Info, Preview, QuickLook, Grab-n-Drag within FinderPop
(Also use Command/Option/Shift modifier keys)
Contents Menu
Command-control-click a folder
or Finder Window to display its contents
Launcher Launcher Universal Leopard Launcher
Zero-real-estate launcher
Click in unused menubar area to pop up FinderPop menu
Control-free popup in the Finder
Click the mouse, hold and let go
Universal - PowerPC & Intel
Requires MacOS X 10.4 or later
Highly configurable
You want fries with that?
Process Menu Desktop Menu
Support ForumFinderPop Support Forum
ManualFinderPop Manual
ReviewMacWorld Review (4.5 stars!)
Quick Process Menu
Command-click in unused menubar area
Switch to, Get Info on, or Quit any process including background processes
Quick Desktop Menu
Shift-click in unused menubar area
Display mounted disks and contents of Desktop folder
FinderPop is free, but if you really like it you can get me a pint: PayPal or Kagi.

Download FinderPop 2.5.7 (English/French/German/Danish/Swedish/Japanese/Italian) (2.1M)
Ensure you use the Apple unzipper to unzip the downloaded FinderPop zip file. Then, if the System Preferences application is running, please quit it. Strange things can happen otherwise.
Double-click the FinderPop.prefpane icon you downloaded. System Preferences will open and ask if you want to install FinderPop for all users or just you.
If you are using 10.7 or later, or are using FileVault, you should choose 'All Users'. Otherwise you can choose either option, and the System will install the FinderPop Preference Pane.
FinderPop may ask you for the admin password in order to set certain permissions on some FinderPop files. This is only done once at installation time.

If you had an older version of FinderPop already installed, you will have to logout to begin using the new version.

After installation, open the FinderPop Preferences Pane. Click on the "Items" tab, then on the "Show FinderPop Items" button. You'll be switched to the Finder with a folder called "FinderPop Items" showing.
Add aliases to your favourite apps/folders/disks/documents to this "FinderPop Items" folder.
Next time you control-click, the items you added will be part of your contextual menu!

Additionally, click a blank portion of the menubar anytime to have instant access to these items and more. While browsing FinderPop menus, pressing Command-Option will display a "Get Info" help tag, pressing Cmd-Opt-Control will allow you to move the selected item to the trash, and pressing Command while selecting an item will reveal that item in the Finder. Also, pressing 'i' will immediately show the Finder Info window for the item, 'r' will immediately reveal the item, 'q' will QuickLook it (Leopard only), 'g' will "grab" or "pick up" the item and allow you to drag it around (as with all Mac drags, dragging to the menubar and letting go aborts the drag.) Pressing Tab will bring up a "FinderPop Info" window on the item.

Other features: Command-control-click a folder to get a Contents popup menu. Shift-click an unused portion of the menubar to see a Desktop menu with your mounted disks and items on your desktop. Command-click an unused portion of the menubar to see a Processes menu. If Control is down as well, background-only processes will also be shown in the Processes menu. Press Command-Option-Control to kill a process.

Please use the FinderPop Help button in the preference pane; there are many features in FP that are not immediately obvious. I'm working on it :-) The FAQ in the Help is also worth a read. Most UI elements have fairly comprehensive help tags, so just hover the mouse over something if you're not sure. The 2.5 manual is also available online. (Mini Table Of Contents: FinderPop Basics ; Invoking FinderPop ; Navigating FinderPop Menus ; FinderPop's Info Window ; Hints & Tips ; FAQ me! ; Release Notes ; )

There is also the FinderPop Support Forum, where if I can't answer your questions, someone else will!

Download FinderPop 2.5.7. (Universal, 10.4+, 2.1M zip.)
FinderPop contains the following localisations:

FinderPop is also known to have difficulty with FileVault-protected home directories. If you use FieVault, install FinderPop for All Users rather than just you. (You should do this anyway if you're using 10.6 or later.)
PREVIOUS VERSIONS (NB: some of these may not work on 10.6 or later)
FinderPop would have been impossible very very difficult indeed without the pioneering work of Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch, Bob Ippolito and Bertrand Guihéneuf. Many thanks to them. Also much thanks are due to Rosyna and Unsanity for sharing their patching mechanism.

Thanks to all the FinderPop Beta Testers (see the FinderPop Forum if you are interested in testing beta versions prior to public release ... or indeed, if you are having problems with FinderPop: ask and ye shall be answered!)

I play with Google Plus every now and then.
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